Helpful Tips

Scott Community College offers a variety of scholarships to qualified students. The following suggestions will make sure you are considered for all of the awards for which you qualify.

Scholarship Application

  • On the General Application page you will see the “Application Progress” section on the left hand side. This will show you the steps required to complete the application processes. At the bottom of the section you will see the Applicant Record button. This includes all of the information that is automatically imported from your official student file. If any of the information needs to be updated or changed, please visit Student Services on the Belmont Campus in room 2302.

    • Sections on this page marked with a red asterisk are required. 

    • You do have the option, at the bottom of the page, to save and keep editing your application. This means that your application has not yet been submitted and you can log in at another time to complete the application.

    • For questions that may have several answers, you will see the Add Another Answer option at the bottom of the question. 

    • References will be notified by email once you add their email address and either save or update your application. 

    • You will receive an email once your references are submitted and you can also view this information under the References tab located in the red menu bar at the top of the screen.

    • After your General Application has been submitted, you can go back and make any changes you would like up to the application deadline (November 1st for Spring semesters and March 1st for Summer/Fall semesters). Make sure to click the “Update Your Application” button at the bottom to save any changes.

  • Fill out the scholarship application completely. Missing information may disqualify you for awards. Follow all instructions with care, paying attention to required information and supporting documentation needs for specific opportunities. 

  • The guidelines used by the Scholarship Committee to rate completed applications can be viewed here: Scholarship Rating Rubric.  Please review this document to aide you in achieving the highest scoring possible.

Thank You Letters

Scholarship recipients must thank the donors who have made the scholarship(s) possible. Students will upload a letter in the Post-Acceptance questions presented on the application website after an award is accepted. Scholarship funds will not be disbursed until recipient thank you letters are received. The Foundation staff will forward the thank you letters to the donors.

When writing a thank you letter, keep the following tips in mind:

  • The letter should be genuine and sincere.
  • Take the time to write more than just a few sentences.
  • Explain how the scholarship(s) will help you pursue your educational goals.
  • Share your long-term goal with achieving your college degree.
  • Sign or print your name at the end of the letter.
  • Do not include your address.


  1. When can I apply for Scott Community College Foundation Scholarships?
    You can apply twice a year for scholarships through the Foundation. We have 2 cycles we award scholarships, the Summer/Fall and the Spring. The deadline to apply for the Summer/Fall is March 1 and the deadline to apply for the Spring is November 1. The application cycle occurs the semester before the awards are given.

  2. Do I have to fill out more than one application?
    No. Once you have completed and submitted your General Application you will be automatically sorted into 2 different categories of opportunities that are called “automatch” and "recommended."

    For the automatch opportunities, the system automatically matches you with any and all you are eligible for by using the information from your General Application.

    To complete the application process for the recommended opportunities, the system requires you to answer supplemental questions for each opportunity, to determine whether or not you meet all of the criteria.

  3. Where can I go to find some of the Information I need to fill out the Financial Information section on the General Application?
    On your EICC Connect home page go to the e-bridge menu on the left hand side and click on the Students tab and then the Financial Aid or Financial Information tabs to view your student financial information.       

  4. What does “Ours” mean under the Opportunities menu?
    All scholarships listed under the “Ours” tab are the scholarships that the Scott Community College Foundation has available. Ones listed with a red “Apply” button are the opportunities that you may be eligible for based on the specific qualifications you must meet by answering the required Supplemental Questions. The others with “None” listed are those that the system matches you with based upon your student data and your responses from the General Application.

  5. Why are there scholarships shown under the recommended tab when I am not eligible for them?
    The scholarships are being shown because they are scholarships that you may be eligible for. For example one may require a 3.0 GPA and that you plan to work in the education field once you graduate. The scholarship will show up for anyone with a 3.0 GPA. If by chance you were planning on working in that field, you can answer the Supplemental Question(s) to apply for that specific scholarship. If you are not planning on working in that field, then you would not apply and move on to check the next one on the page.

  6. What are all of these opportunities for under the Active section on my Applications page?
    The cards listed under the Active section are all of the opportunities that you were automatically matched with. Once they appear in this section with “Submitted” in the upper right hand corner, you will be considered for the corresponding award once all of your references have been submitted.

  7. Are all scholarships based on academic excellence?
    Some scholarships are based on academic excellence. Others are based on factors such as financial need, residency, leadership, program or area of study, or other requirements.

  8. How many scholarship funds are available each year?
    We have over 80 scholarships we award every year. Some awards will depend on the donor(s) continuing their funding.

  9. Who selects scholarship recipients?
    A scholarship committee including SCC faculty, staff, and SCCF Board of Directors members use the Scholarship Rating Rubric to rate all applications. Once ratings are completed, awards are chosen based on the ratings and the ability to meet required scholarship criteria.

  10. When are awards made and how will I be notified?
    Awards are made approximately 4-5 weeks after the application deadline. You will be notified electronically through your EICC email and on your application account. We do require all recipients complete a Post-Acceptance Application to receive any scholarship funds.

  11. Will I be notified if I did not receive a scholarship?
    Yes, you will receive an email informing you that you were not selected to receive an award.

Still have questions? Email us at or call 563-441-4063.