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This year’s BASH promises to rock your taste buds in ways not done before. Attendees will enjoy several appetizer stations followed by a delicious dinner prepared and served with the help of the college’s Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management students. A silent auction and raffle items will also be available.

The annual charitable event raises dollars to support scholarships and programming at Scott Community College.

This year’s BASH, happening Thursday, October 3 from 5 - 8:30 p.m. at the Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center, promises to wow attendees with a variety of mouthwatering dishes, including foods of Greek, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and Iowan descent.

Four SCC culinary students were chosen to prepare appetizers, each dish a reflection of their own experiences and heritage. Read about them each here:


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SCC BASH 2019 to Celebrate Diversity with Varying and Unique Culinary Dishes

Celebrating Greek Culture

Jordan KarbenJordan Karben will prepare a traditional Greek dish called Dolmathes, which is the Greek word for stuffed grape leaves. Her take on the dish consists of ground beef and steak mixed with rice, parsley, and mint. The contents are then rolled up into a grape leaf and boiled, says Karben.

“It’s a lemony, savory dish. Everything Greek is lemony, so this fits right in.”

Karben has a long history of preparing Greek food. She’s of Greek descent, and the recipe she’s using belongs to her great grandmother.

“Every year when I was growing up, my family would do these big, Greek dinners. We would talk about our heritage and make all this food. Eventually, it turned into this really big annual party with a lot of people showing up,” Karben said.

After spending years preparing Greek food for her family and friends, Karben is excited to share the dish with an entirely different audience at this year’s BASH.

“I was so pumped and excited when I learned I’d be cooking for this event,” she recalls. “I thought last year would be my last BASH. So being able to come back is so cool.”


Moving to the Middle East

Salma ArabiSalma Arabi will prepare Tabulah, a Syrian salad consisting of bulgur wheat, green onions, sumac, tomatoes, mint, lemon, and olive oil.

“It’s a very refreshing, comforting salad,” Arabi said. “Traditionally we would eat it in the summer with grape leaves. You would pick the leaves fresh off the vine and make a sandwich out of the combination.”

For Arabi, the dish is about a lot more than just refreshing flavor. She recalls making Tabulah with her family when she was younger.

“I remember all the laughter and being surrounded by family,” she said. “So many great memories are tied with this dish.”

Arabi, too, was excited when she learned she would be preparing an appetizer for the BASH.

“I’m so proud of myself and all my friends who are going to be together,” she said. “Last year I helped with dessert, but this year we’ve been asked to prepare appetizers. It’s going to be very different but very exciting.”


Jose TriguerosHeading South to Latin America

Continuing the theme of cultural diversity, José Trigueros will prepare Pollo con Arroz, a stew primarily made of chicken, rice, tomatoes, and chilis.

“Pollo con arroz is a traditional Hispanic dish,” he said. “I ate it a lot while growing up. It’s very colorful and has great flavor.”

Just like his fellow classmates, Trigueros is looking forward to preparing a dish for this year’s BASH.

“I feel valued as a student,” he said. “To be chosen shows that I’ve learned a lot and am capable of doing something like this.”


Bringing It All Home

Brandon DobbsAn Iowa native, Brandon Dobbs will prepare a sweet corn cheesecake with a graham cracker crust. Dobbs got into culinary arts program at SCC after serving in the U.S. Army.

For the past year Dobbs has worked at the Faithful Pilot in LeClaire, IA, as the sous chef and pastry chef. It was while at work that he and a co-worker created the sweet corn cheesecake dish.

“This is like our brainchild,” Dobbs said. “We managed to make a corn jam that you could eat with crackers and whatnot. We then took it and put it in a cheesecake.”

Dobbs says he rotates the cheesecake flavors at the Faithful Pilot, and that his customers routinely request a whole sweet corn cheesecake.

“After that, it took off like wildfire.”

Dobbs is looking forward to expanding the recipe to a much larger audience at this year’s BASH. “It’s really an honor,” he said. “Knowing that we were just messing around on this recipe and that it’ll now be served to so many people…it’s a complete honor.”