New Member Highlights

Dr. Stephen RoushDr. Stephen Roush

Where you live: Ringgold, GA

Career: Vice-President,
Human Resources

Years at CCC: 1964-66

Program of study: AA- Biology, Journalism

Additional education: B.S., Northeast Missouri State University, Kirksville, MO. ; M.S.E., and Dr. of Education (Ed.D.), Virginia Tech. - Blacksburg, VA

Memorable Clinton Community College experiences/instructor/events: Discussions with Dean Sharar about graduating and Mr. David Parker, Biology instructor.

How Clinton Community College paved the way to my future: I was Student Body President at CCC in 1965-66, and that began a process of leadership learning that has continued for 42 years, many states and many opportunities. Most recently, last year, I was Chairman of the Board for Catoosa Chamber of Commerce, next year I shall be Chairman of the Board of Hutcheson Hospital. All of this started with CCC and my first leadership role! Great training!

Casey HlubekCasey Hlubek

Where you live:  Waterloo, IA

Career: College Unit Director - Financial Representative
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Years at CCC: 2 Years – 2003 Graduate

Program of study: AA & AS in Liberal Arts

Additional education: Coaching Endorsement, Coaching Minor, B.S. in Sports Psychology from UNI, & B.S. in Exercise Science from UNI

Memorable Clinton Community College experiences / instructor / events: Memorable moments at CCC include playing basketball and being ranked as high as 11th in the nation, graduating with two degrees, & being the graduate of the year in 2003.  Some of my favorite faculty/staff from CCC include Mardell Mommsen, Debi Van Sant, Ann Eisenman, Bob Walker and Chris Eichmeier. 

Some of my favorite events at CCC were the awards ceremony before graduation, musical events put on by the Student Senate and the charitable donation drives put on by the college.

How Clinton Community College paved the way to my future:  CCC provided me with a great educational experience that has opened many doors for me throughout my education and getting into the workforce.  Any degree can get you in the door with an employer, but I feel going into any interview that I have a step up on my competition because of my two extra degrees on my resume. 

CCC not only allowed for me to grow as a student, but also provided many opportunities to grow as a person.  Not only was the education a perfect stepping stone to continue education at a four-year school, but tutoring and being involved at the college gave me "real life" experiences and helped me develop socially as well as furthering my education.  I will always remember my time at CCC and am always grateful when thinking back upon my time there.

Michael KenneyMichael Kenney

Where you live: Mequon, WI

Career: Health Care, Hospital Administration; Retired Commander, U.S. Navy Reserve

Years at CCC: 1974-1976

Program of study: Nursing (ADN)

Additional education: BSN, University of Dubuque; MBA, Health Care Administration, Concordia University of Wisconsin.

Memorable Clinton Community College experiences / instructor / events: Playing on Bob Moore’s basketball team with guys like Dudley Biggs, Kemper Reeves, Melvin Mobley and others.

Pat Gorman is the one instructor that made an impression on me.  I think she was probably the most intelligent person I have ever met.  Pat also had a very personable and sensitive demeanor that was demonstrated during her very challenging Anatomy and Physiology exams.

When I think of CCC I always remember how the students seem to always get along so well.  It was if we had known each other all of our lives. 

There is one bad memory, however, and that is the clothing styles of the day.  I have rarely criticized my children for their clothing styles only because I realize how bad we looked back in the 70’s.

How Clinton Community College paved the way to my future: CCC provided an extremely affordable, quality education; key words “affordable” and “quality”.  This created a rock solid foundation for continuing through the higher levels of education.  None of this could have happened without taking those first steps through the hallways and classrooms of CCC.

Sharon Benson

Where you live: Houston, TX

Career: HR Director, Talent Management - Marathon Oil

Years at CCC: Three

Program of study: Associate of Arts 

Additional education: Bachelor of Arts Degree from Ashford University, due to graduate with Master’s in Business Administration December 2008.

Memorable Clinton Community College experiences / instructor / events: A memorable experience I had at Clinton Community College was having the opportunity to take science courses with lab work, at night with my husband. It was fun to share those experiences and I’m sure they will not soon be forgotten.  A memorable event that I attended was a Leadership Connection event titled “Breaking Through,” which Mardell encouraged me to attend.

How Clinton Community College paved the way to my future: Clinton Community College helped to pave the way to my future by providing course work which set the stage for future learning.  Also, providing a wide selection of online classes through the Iowa Community College Online Consortium is a great way for working adults to earn their degree.