Services and Information

Advising Services

You are assigned an advisor upon your enrollment. Your advisor will work with you to help determine your schedule of classes, make schedule changes, monitor your graduation requirements, discuss course requirements and assist you with transfer questions. There are also advisors available at the SCC Urban Campus.  If you wish to change your advisor, you must obtain a CHANGE OF ADVISOR FORM from the Student Services Office, Room 2204.

Academic Support Center 

The Academic Support Center, Room 2015 at the Belmont Campus, offers an open computer lab and tutorial services in a wide variety of academic disciplines. The Math Center and the Writing Center are also located in the Academic Support Center, and these areas are staffed by both students and instructors at various times. The SCC Disabilities Resource Center and the TRIO Academic Support Program are also located in Room 2015. Hours for each area vary, so call 441-4074 for more information.


Scott Community College is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and the Iowa Community College Athletic Association. Sports offered at Scott Community College are: Men's And Women's Soccer and Cross Country Track.

Eligibility: To be eligible to participate in intercollegiate sports, a student must be doing passing work at all times in at least 12 semester hours of coursework.


The Scott Community College Barnes & Noble Bookstores carry books for the current Semester classes. You can purchase books two ways: bring a copy of your Schedule to the bookstore, or, with a credit card, purchase online at The bookstores also carry a variety of school supplies, nursing supplies, and clothing. Books can be returned to the Bookstore up to one week after your class starts or one week after purchase with a receipt. The Belmont Campus Bookstore hosts a book buyback at the end of each semester. To reach the Belmont Campus Bookstore, enter through door number 2. The SCC Urban Campus Bookstore is located in room 100.


Cafeteria and Vending

Full food service is available on campus and is located on the lower level of the Belmont Campus. The Cafeteria is operated by Subway. They offer a variety of sandwiches, beverages and snacks. Vending is also available at the SCC Urban Center and the John T. Blong Technology Center.

Career Planning

Our Advisors can help with your career planning by providing career Interest tests, and helping you learn about your career preferences. We'll help you locate information about prospective majors and specific Occupations, and learn career decision making skills. The office is in Room 2204 at the Belmont Campus. Please see student services at the SCC Urban Campus for career planning services.

Campus Activities and Intramurals

Campus Activities at Scott Community College consist of a wide variety of Activities and programs encompassing educational, cultural, intramural, social and recreational activities and entertainment. The Campus Activities Office works in conjunction with the college and the Student Government Association. The programming and organization of specific activities are determined by student need, initiative, and interest in line with college guidelines.

There are a wide variety of intramural sports offered to Scott Community College students. All sports are offered for both men and women. All students are invited and encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities offered through the Office of Campus Activities located in the Student Life Center. The Office of Campus Activities operates under a developmental philosophy supporting and supplementing the educational mission of the college. The office oversees and directs campus programming providing resources, direction and information for student organizations, establishing guidelines before programming and interpretation of college policies.

Throughout the year, the Campus Activities Office will coordinate the campus calendar, collaborative efforts with the community, leadership training, self-development, and promotion within the college. For more information, see the Campus Activities Office.

Campus Activities Monitor

The monitors located around campus are updated on a regular basis with information on campus activities, campus club activities and important student and college information.

Campus Clubs and Organizations

As a student you have the opportunity to participate in several professional interest and social clubs and organizations. View full list of Scott Community College's Student Clubs and Organizations here.

Activities which are planned by student organizations must receive Administrative approval two weeks prior to the implementation of the event. If the activity requires use of the college space, the signature of the person authorized to schedule the space is required.

All transaction, deposits, or withdrawals, must take place through the Student Activities Office. This procedure ensures documentation for student organizations. Expenditures can be relatively simple if the purchasing guidelines are followed. A purchase order memo must be submitted for any and all expenditures. When submitting a purchase order memo, remember:

  1. PLAN YOUR NEEDS WELL IN ADVANCE! It takes a minimum of three weeks for a purchase order to complete the cycle.
  2.  Any individual entering into a contract or obligation without authorization from the assistant Dean of Student Activities has initiated an unauthorized purchase may encounter a personal financial obligation to the vendor. Purchase orders are issued prior to expenditures. For more information, see the Campus
    Activities Office. Room 2300.

Davenport West Campus

An important service of Scott Community College is the Davenport West Campus. The variety of programs and activities available serve the needs of thousands of people in the community. Included in these programs and
services are literacy tutoring, Adult Basic Education classes, GED preparation and testing, career planning activities,

ESL programs, clerical training, job seeking information and assistance, as well as the Displaced Homemakers program. For information about the services and programs available at the Davenport West Campus, call at 326-

Changing your Registration

Adding a Class

Pick up the proper form in Room 2204 at the Belmont Campus, Student Development Office at the SCC Urban Campus or at the John T. Blong Technology Center. See your advisor for assistance in scheduling and have your advisor sign the form. Take the completed form back to Student Services. Courses may be added during the first five days of a fall or spring semester (first two days of summer or short terms), but thereafter only with instructor permission. Financial Aid recipients must obtain a signature from the Financial Aid office when making any changes in their schedule.

Dropping a Class

Pick up the proper form in Room 2204 at the Belmont Campus, Student Development Office at the SCC Urban Campus or at the John T. Blong Technology Center. You will need to have it signed by your advisor and return it to the Registration Center. (Students in nursing and allied health programs are also required to have their instructor's signature.) Failure to follow above procedure will result in an "F" or "FW" for the course. Note: Dropping a class(es) may negatively impact any Federal Financial Assistance you may receive.

Withdrawing from College

You must pick up the proper form from Room 2204 at the Belmont Campus, Student Development Office at the SCC Urban Campus or at the John T. Blong Technology Center. Students should have their advisor sign the card and return it to the Registration Center 120


An ATM machine is located outside of room 2300.

Closing of the College

(Including inclement weather) "The executive officer or his/her designee shall have the authority to discontinue instructional sessions because of extreme weather or other emergency conditions for the length of time the emergency exists." To find out if classes have been canceled tune to the following news media: WLLR 103.7, KUUL 101.3, KCQQ 106.5, WHTS 98.9, WKBF-AM 1270, News Talk WOC-AM 1420, KMXG-96.1 FM, 112
KJOC-AM 1170, WXLP 96.9, KBOB 99.7, KORB 93.5 and TV Stations 4, 6, 8 and 18.

In an effort to keep our students safe and informed in emergency situations Eastern Iowa Community Colleges have a system to help alert students, faculty, and staff of school closings and other emergencies. EICCMobile is a free service for all those who register for the service.  You can register to receive cell phone texts by opting in. To Opt In: 1) navigate and login to EICConnect. 2) Once in EICConnect, click on e-bridge and the STUDENTS. 3) Click “Address and Notification changes”. 4) Add or Edit your cell phone number and check to Opt In for Text Notifications. 

For evening classes, a decision to close may be made as late as 3 p.m. A weather information number is available for your use, 441-4144. You can also check the SCC Facebook page for closing information.

College Attendance Policy

The attendance requirements for each class are determined by the instructor. The teacher will inform students of the requirements, and it is the responsibility of students to know these requirements and abide by them.

NOTE: If you receive Veteran's Administration Educational Assistance, you must conform to attendance and academic standards as established by the Veteran's Administration and EICCD. Information concerning academic standards and other questions affecting veteran students may be obtained at the college Registrar's Office.

Communication - Bulletin Boards and Posters

Contact the Information Center or the Campus Activities Office, Room 2300 for the posting policy.


Disability Resources

Scott Community College employs a Disability Service Coordinator to work with individuals with disabilities to develop and coordinate services based on individual need. If you are a student with a disability who requires academic accommodations to participate fully in the educational experience, follow these steps:

  • Contact the Disability Service Coordinator, or 563-441-4027

  • Submit the completed Disability Services Student Intake form AND supporting documentation to the
    Disability Service Coordinator.

  • Schedule a time to meet with the Disability Service Coordinator to discuss accommodations and coordination of those services.

  • Deliver the signed accommodation form/s to your instructors.

  • Keep in touch with the Disability Service Coordinator as needed.

Note: the college and/or instructor are not responsible for providing accommodations until notification of disability is provided, appropriate documentation is submitted, and a signed accommodation form is presented.


EICCMobile is a convenient text message service from the college. EICCMobile provides you an opportunity to receive text messages from the college including emergency notifications, weather closings and important college reminders. You can opt in to EICCMobile by accessing your EICConnect account. Once logged in to EICConnect, click on E-bridge, Students, and then Address and Notification Changes. You can add or edit your cell phone number and opt in to receive important text messages from the college. You will find that receiving reminders and notifications to your cell phone will help keep you informed.

If you have questions or need assistance logging in, please see the registrar on your campus or contact the EICC Help Desk at 563-336-3456 or

Food in Classrooms

Food and drinks are not permitted in classrooms except during a function registered and scheduled with food as a part of the activity.


High Academic Achievement

All students who complete 6 or more semester hours during a term with a 3.5 GPA or above qualify for the Dean's List. All students who complete 6 or more semester hours excluding grades of "P" during a term with a 4.0 GPA qualify for the President's List. Students with a final cumulative GPA of 3.5 for all coursework will be designated as Honors Graduates and 4.0 students will be designated as Highest Honors Graduates. During the Commencement Ceremony, Honors Graduates and Highest Honors Graduates are recognized as outstanding students. Ceremony Honors are based on the cumulative GPA.

Honors Program

At Scott Community College we value academic scholarship and excellence. Students are challenged, encouraged and recognized through various activities in our Honors Program. The Honors Program is open to every student who qualifies and is interested in participating. View more information here.

Job Placement Services

The Job Placement Center is located in Room 3110 at the Belmont Campus. The Placement Center has a variety of free services available to both SCC students and graduates. These services include: bi-monthly job bulletins listing both full- and part-time openings, resume services, mock interviews, and website job search related services. Additionally, the Placement Center sponsors an annual Career Fair, held in the spring semester. There are a wide variety of employers on campus for the day to recruit students and graduates to fill current job openings.

John T. Blong Technology Center

Eastern Iowa Community College District's 37,000 square-foot John T. Blong Technology Center was built as a response to the employment needs of local manufacturers. State-of-the-art equipment helps train people for careers in specific manufacturing fields. The center provides flexible scheduling options. If you're already employed in the field, credit for prior learning is possible.

Choose from careers in

  • Machining, CNC
  • Computer Aided Drafting o Electromechanical Systems
  • Welding
  • Technical Studies (a customized program using your on-the-job experience)
  • Truck Driving

SCC Urban Campus

The Scott Community College Urban Campus is located in downtown Davenport. The campus encompasses two former bank buildings along Third Street, between Main and Brandy Streets.

Both buildings were completely gutted and remodeled, and a third “connector” building was added to connect the East and West portions.

The West Building, at the corner of Third and Main Streets is our classroom building. Often referred to as the old Social Security building, it can house up to 1,500 students and was opened in January of 2018.

The East Building is primarily administrative offices for Eastern Iowa Community Colleges. It also includes tow Continuing Education classrooms and a coffee shop.

The Connector Building includes a beautiful community room with kitchen, capable of hosting large events.

The new campus combines the classes activities previously located in three different downtown buildings.

The Urban Campus serves as hub for programs in:

  • Computers (Information Technology)
  • Virtual Reality
  • Business
  • Medical Assistant
  • Administrative Office Professional
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS/EMT)
  • Certified Nurse Aide (CAN)
  • College Transfer



The Scott Community College Library has a wide variety of materials available for your use. Many of our resources are available electronically 24/7. They include 5,700 electronic books, downloadable audible books, and 30 full text databases. A list of usernames and passwords to use these databases off campus are available in the SCC Library. 

The SCC Library is located in Room 1300 at the Belmont center. Our collection includes over 39,800 books, videos, DVDs, cassette tapes, and anatomical models, as well as over 80 magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Books can be checked out for 3 weeks and magazines and DVDs can be checked out for 1 week. The overdue fines for books and magazines are $.10 per day and the overdue fines for DVDs and videos are $1.00 per day.

The SCC Library is a member of RiverShare, a group of academic, public, and school libraries which share an automated library system. RiverShare gives you access to items in addition to the SCC collection and can be used to locate materials in most Quad City area libraries, including Clinton Community College, Muscatine Community College, St. Ambrose Library, Trinity Medical Center, Black Hawk College, Davenport Public Library and Bettendorf Public Library. Library cards are free and are required to check out books or DVDs, and to use books, DVDs, and paper reserves that faculty have put on Reserve. Library cards from any RiverShare library are valid at the SCC Library. If you have a valid library card, you can place a hold on books and DVDs owned by another library and have them sent to the SCC Library for you to check out. You can also return books, DVDs, and videos from any RiverShare library to the SCC Library and they will be returned to the owning library.

You can get your student ID card, use the coin-operated photocopier, or send faxes at the SCC Library. There are three quiet study areas available in the library. Every semester SCC students exhibit their art in the Gallery in the Library (Room 1300D). Other art exhibits are also held in that room. Library staff members are available to help you in the library, by phone at 563-441-4150, or by email at


There is adequate parking on the Belmont Campus, offered at no charge to students, faculty, staff and guests.

  1. Parking is permitted in designated YELLOW STRIPED areas and GRAVEL LOTS ONLY.
  2. NO PARKING areas are designated by CROSS-HATCHED LINES and/or appropriate signage. This will
    include areas such as the end of parking rows, curbs, traffic areas, etc.
  3. HANDICAPPED parking spaces are designated by a handicapped symbol on the pavement and
    appropriate signage. A state-issued handicapped parking permit must be prominently displayed in or on
    the vehicle. Temporary handicapped permits are available from the Business Office.
  4. MOTORCYCLE PARKING ONLY spaces are available and identified with appropriate signage.
  5. Vehicles parked in any area other than a designated parking space will be TOWED AWAY AT THE
    VEHICLE OWNER'S EXPENSE. If your vehicle is towed, you should contact the Information
    Center, evening college assistant, or the switchboard.
  6. The security of vehicles left in the parking lot is not the responsibility of the college.
  7. The maximum speed limit on campus is 20 miles per hour. Drivers operating a vehicle in excess of this
    limit or driving improperly on the college grounds are subject to disciplinary action.

SCC Urban Campus Student Parking

There are many free parking options at the new SCC Urban Campus. Two-hour on-street parking is available at no charge. Limited handicap accessible and short-term parking is located on streets directly around the campus.

Free parking will be available to students (with a free Urban Campus Parking permit) on the top floor of both the Harrison Parking Ramp in the 300 block of West Second Street and the Redstone Parking Ramp in the 100 block of West River Drive.

Students must display a parking permit on their dashboard. Permits are available in student Services on the first floor of the Urban Campus East Building. License plate number, date and time must be completed on this parking permit.

Student Messages

Telephone messages for students will NOT be taken at Scott Community College.

Smoking Policy

Scott Community is a smoke-free environment. According to state law, smoking is prohibited on college property.

Dangerous Weapons on Campus

EICC strives to provide a learning and working environment that is safe and conducive to meeting the mission of the colleges.  All campuses of EICC are school grounds.  No person, except law enforcement or other public safety employees in the course of their duties shall possess or carry a dangerous weapon, which shall include a gun, firearm, or other dangerous weapon, other than a non-projectile stun gun.

Student Government

Under the direction of the Campus Activities Office, the Student Government exists to represent the student body and acts as a student voice on policies and issues. Elections for officers are held in the Spring, and elections for representatives are held in early September. If a student is interested in getting involved, stop by the Campus Activities Office located in Room 2300.

Student Life Center

The Student Life Center is open throughout the day and early evening hours for the use by the campus community. The SLC is a good place to spend some of your free time, get involved with the Student Activities or to prepare for a class with a friend. The Student Government, Club Mailboxes, Athletics Office and the Office of Campus Activities are located in the SLC.

Student Support Center - SCC Urban Campus

The Academic Support Center and Computer Lab offers drop-in tutoring for all majors covering a variety of subjects. Peer Tutors primarily focus on Administrative Office Professional, Business, Information Technology and college preparatory courses. Students also utilize these areas and the services they offer for academic advising, admission support, financial aid assistance, make-up exams, compass testing, on-line testing, and academic accommodation for students with special needs. With the number of computers that have been placed in the Academic Support Center and Computer Lab, these areas offer students a quiet place to complete assignments using a host of software programs provided and allow them to research projects on the internet. These also serve as areas for students to interact freely and conduct study group sessions. There is no charge for any of the services offered.

Switchboard - Belmont Campus

The College switchboard is open from 7:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, until 4:30 p.m. on


The telephones in the offices are for office use ONLY. If you wish to make personal telephone calls you should use the public telephones provided in the cafeteria, outside entrance #4, and in the entry way near the Student Life Center by Door #6.

TRIO Student Support Services

The TRIO Student Support Services Program supports SCC students in their pursuit of a two-year associate's degree and/or transfer to a four year college with intensive academic advising, one-on-one professional tutoring services, assistance with identifying a major, equipment loan of laptops and tape recorders, coaching in strategic learning, campus visits/transfer advising and a peer support community. 

Vending Machine Refunds

If you lose money in the vending machines during cafeteria business hours, it will be refunded by the cashier in the cafeteria. After the cafeteria closes, see the switchboard operator in the Information Center, Room 2300 on the Belmont Campus & at Student Services at Urban Campus.