Student Activities Policies and Procedures


Students should not begin promoting or advertising an event until it has received final administrative approval. Therefore, it is suggested that students keep this in mind as they plan to submit the appropriate request. Submit your event proposal early so you can promote your program with quality and positive results! Students are not to contact the media outside the college directly. For assistance in promoting an event to the community, contact the Dean of Student Development. The college will assist with news releases (when appropriate), but students should not make these contacts directly.

Purchasing Guidelines for Student Organizations

All transactions, deposits, or withdrawals, must take place through the assistant to the Dean of Instruction. This procedure ensures documentation for student organizations. Expenditures can be relatively simple if the purchasing guidelines are followed. A purchase order memo must be submitted for any and all expenditures. When submitting a purchase order memo, remember:

  1. A separate memo must be submitted for each vendor.
  2. PLAN YOUR NEEDS WELL IN ADVANCE! It takes a minimum of three weeks for a purchase order to
    complete the cycle.
  3. Any individual entering into a contract or obligation without authorization from the District Office via
    the Dean of Student Development has initiated an unauthorized purchase and may encounter a
    personal obligation to the vendor.

Purchase order numbers must be issued prior to expenditures. After the appropriate signatures have been obtained, purchase order memos are submitted back to the administrative assistant to the Dean of Instructions to be routed according to the method of payment. The club or organization is charged accordingly. 


All student organization events require attendance of at least one faculty or staff sponsor. Events with 50 or more participants require at least two sponsors. The Dean of Student Development may require more than two sponsors, depending on the type of activity and the expected attendance.

Unless otherwise indicated, sponsors must be in attendance throughout the entire event. Sponsors are responsible for overseeing the event, assisting in maintaining order, and dealing with emergencies. A sponsor may be asked to perform other duties as necessary. For additional information about the role of a sponsor, please contact the Dean of Instruction.


Illegal gambling is not permitted (see Student Rights and Responsibilities Statement). Any campus organization wishing to hold a raffle or event involving gambling of any sort must consult the Dean of Student Development (in advance) and complete the appropriate college forms.


Scheduling Space

Anyone seeking to schedule space for an organizational activity must first have the activity approved via the activity approval and scheduling process described in the guidelines. For information concerning facilities, contact the assistant to the President.



If the Dean of Student Development deems it necessary for police or security persons to be present at an event, the organization will be required to employ such persons before the event will be approved. The salary for the security personnel will be charged to the student organization’s account. In general, at most events where there are alcoholic beverages served, large crowds expected, or where it would be to the benefit of all, security personnel will be required. For guidance and direction regarding security personnel, contact the Dean of the College.


Dangerous Weapons on Campus

EICC strives to provide a learning and working environment that is safe and conducive to meeting the mission of the colleges.  All campuses of EICC are school grounds.  No person, except law enforcement or other public safety employees in the course of their duties shall possess or carry a dangerous weapon, which shall include a gun, firearm, or other dangerous weapon, other than a non-projectile stun gun.