Services and Information

Academic Lists

Dean's List

To be eligible for the Dean’s List, you must be enrolled for 6 semester hours or more with a current semester grade point average of 3.5 or above.

President's List

To be eligible for the President’s List, you must be enrolled for 6 semester hours or more with a current grade point average of 4.0.



The Admissions Office is located in the Student Center building. Inquiries regarding recruitment of new students and application to MCC should be directed to this office.

Advising Services


You are assigned an advisor upon your enrollment. Your advisor will work with you to help determine your schedule of classes, make schedule changes, monitor your graduation requirements, discuss course requirements and assist you with transfer questions.

Career Services

MCC staff can help with your career planning by providing career interest tests, and helping you learn about your career preferences. We’ll help you locate information about prospective majors and specific occupations, and learn career decision making skills. The Career Services Office also offers job search assistance. You can get help with writing resumes, cover letters, interviewing and other practical job-seeking tips. The office is located in the Student Center.


Barnes & Noble at Muscatine Community College
Phone: 563-288-6110
Web:  MCC Bookstore Website new window

Your Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Muscatine Community College is located in the Student Center building. Our staff of Booksellers is excited to meet and assist you. We’re not just a bookstore though. Of course we have all of your course textbooks, school supplies and latest bestselling novels, but we are also your used book headquarters, hub for convenience foods, and number one source of fantastic Cardinal insignia clothing and gifts. We have everything you need to complete your courses, recharge and show your MCC pride.

When purchasing your books in the store or ordering online, you need to have a copy of your class schedule in order to ensure that you receive the correct books for your classes. Please be sure to match up the correct campus, department, course and section numbers.

At your campus bookstore, providing options that save students money is our priority. Along with our textbook rental program, we have a great selection of used, new and digital textbooks. The best way to take advantage of those savings is by placing your book orders early. Each semester as you sign up for classes, place your textbook order on our website. We will have your books boxed and charged out, waiting for you at the start of the term, or you can choose to have them shipped.

Textbook refunds and exchanges are accepted through the first week of each term. You must always have your receipt and the books must be in their original condition. With proof of a dropped course, you have up to the first thirty days of the term for a full refund. Bookstore hours are Monday-Thursday, 8 am-5 pm, Friday, 8 am-4:30 pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday. Extended and holiday hours will be posted in advance.

Bulletin Boards - Posting Procedures and Guidelines

Procedures for the use of campus bulletin boards may be picked up in the office of the Dean of Student


Bus Service

Muscatine residents wanting to ride the city MuscaBus to and from the MCC campus may do so daily. It will arrive in front of Strahan Hall starting at 7:05 a.m., then continue to arrive at 10 minutes after every hour. The last bus will come at 4:10 p.m. each day. Anyone with questions may call MuscaBus at (563) 263-8152.

Child Care Center

The Learning Tree Preschool new window, MCC’s child care center, is an on-campus, licensed facility providing quality child care and educational experiences for the children of MCC students, faculty and the general public. The Learning Tree Preschool also serves as a laboratory school for students of early childhood education at the college.

The program at the Learning Tree includes preschool education, creative play, field trips and special events, group experiences, art activities, hot noon meals and morning and afternoon snacks. A unique quality of the program is that it incorporates preschool education and quality day care into a composite whole.

The Learning Tree Preschool is housed in a modern facility on the west side of the campus. One room contains learning centers for housekeeping, dramatic play, blocks/vehicles, large muscle development, small motor/manipulative play, and a “cozy corner” with books and puzzles. A second room houses the complete built-in kitchen, tables and chairs for meals and art activities, bathrooms and painting easels. The fenced yard has an extra- large sandbox, and an assortment of outdoor play materials.

The preschool is open from 7:30 a.m. through 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Children from six weeks to six years of age are eligible. Enrollment for students can be arranged and fees paid on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. For further information, contact the director, Heather Elliott at 264-2088.


CLEP Testing (College Level Examination Program) 


CLEP tests allow students to receive college credit for demonstrated knowledge in a subject area. The procedure for CLEP testing at MCC is as follows:

  1. Pick up a CLEP brochure in the Testing Center in Student Services.
  2. Be prepared to pay the fee for each CLEP test when you take the test.
  3. Contact the Testing Center to arrange to take the test.
  4. The Registrar will evaluate your test results to determine how much MCC credit you earned.
  5. The Registrar will add the appropriate credit to your transcript. A fee of $9 per credit hour will be due at this time.

College Closing Due to Inclement Weather

If the college closes due to snow, ice or other dangerous conditions, the closing will be announced on KWQC-TV (Channel 6). For evening classes, a decision to close may be made as late as 3:00 p.m. Announcements are also posted on EICConnect. MCC school closing telephone line (563) 288-6150. You can also check the MCC Facebook page for closing information.

In an effort to keep our students safe and informed in emergency situations Eastern Iowa Community Colleges have a system to help alert students, faculty, and staff of school closings and other emergencies. EICCMobile is a free service for all those who register for the service. You can register to receive cell phone texts by opting in. To Opt In: 1) navigate and login to EICConnect. 2) Once in EICConnect, click on e-bridge and the STUDENTS. 3) Click “Address and Notification changes”. 4) Add or Edit your cell phone number and check to Opt In for Text Notifications.



EICCMobile is a convenient text message service from the college. EICCMobile provides you an opportunity to receive text messages from the college including emergency notifications, weather closings and important college reminders. You can opt in to EICCMobile by accessing your EICConnect account. Once logged in to EICConnect, click on E-bridge, Students, and then Address and Notification Changes. You can add or edit your cell phone number and opt in to receive important text messages from the college. You will find that receiving reminders and notifications to your cell phone will help keep you informed.

If you have questions or need assistance logging in, please see the registrar on your campus or contact the EICC Help Desk at 563-336-3456 or


Graduation Requirements

Muscatine Community College offers programs of study toward three associate degrees—Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Applied Science.

A student who completes specific course requirements for a degree, diploma or certificate with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is a candidate for graduation. Fifteen of the last 30 semester hours, or half of the final 50 percent of credit hours required for a program, must be taken at one of the colleges of the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges Candidates for graduation must submit an application for graduation at the beginning of the final term of enrollment. All financial obligations to the college must be fulfilled as a requirement for graduation. It is ultimately the responsibility of the student to make sure that all requirements for graduation have been completed.

ID Cards

ID cards are available by appointment at the Student Center desk.

Law Enforcement Visits to the College


All communications with law enforcement personnel will go through the Dean of Student Development’s Office. Police will make every effort to reach you at home. If they are unsuccessful, they will re-contact the Dean of Student Development’s Office. Someone from the dean’s office (or other appropriate college personnel) will get you out of class and bring you to the dean’s office for a confidential meeting with the officer. In the case of a serious offense, the police will bypass procedure but will inform the dean’s office of actions taken.


The library, located in Loper Hall, is a place for students to collaborate on projects, borrow laptops, use group study rooms, find the best information, and study. Students are welcome to use any of the resources we have available  including books, magazines, computers, high-speed black/white printers, color printer, scanner, and copier. Electronic resources are available to students 24/7 which includes RiverShare (10 libraries) and multiple databases (millions of articles). Instructors frequently place materials “On Reserve” at the library. The library is a great resource for information and services. “We don’t just help students find books, articles, and websites for research papers; we help students make sense of the world and lead better lives.” Zoe Fisher, 2015

Lost and Found

Items should be turned in at Student Center. Items are kept for 30 days.


MCC TV — Cable Channel 9

Muscatine Community College broadcasts entertainment and educational programming Monday through Friday over Cablevision Channel 9. A complete listing of each week’s programs appears in the TV Week section of the Muscatine Journal. Any authorized campus organization may advertise its community events and services on the channel. At least one week in advance of the event simply write an announcement listing time, date, place and other details and submit it to Chad Bishop in Larson Hall.



There is adequate parking on the MCC campus, offered at no charge to students, faculty and guests. Parking is permitted in designated striped areas only. If a vehicle is parked in a non-designated area, an MCC parking violator sticker will be placed on the front window of the vehicle. Handicapped parking spaces are designated by yellow striped areas with a painted handicapped symbol on the pavement and a sign erected before each space. Only vehicles prominently displaying a state-issued handicapped parking permit may park in these spaces. Those vehicles not displaying this permit will be towed at the owner’s expense. If your car is towed, you should inquire at the Student Development Office. If your car will be in the parking lot overnight, please contact the maintenance department. Maximum speed limit on campus is 20 miles per hour. Drivers operating a vehicle in excess of this limit or driving improperly on college grounds are subject to disciplinary action.


For the safety and comfort of college students and staff, smoking is not permitted anywhere on campus.


Student Activities


Much of your personal growth during your college career results from your participation in campus activities, clubs and organizations. At MCC it is the college’s philosophy that co-curricular activities complement the academic program, and we encourage you to find an activity that fits your interests and talents. If you can’t find an activity that interests you, you can try starting a new one.

Activities at MCC are financed by activity fees that are included every term in your regular tuition. Student representatives elected to the Student Senate are responsible for assessment and disbursement of this activity fee. This method guarantees that your interests will be considered in the activity program.

One of the advantages of attending a community college is the chance to participate in activities as an underclassman. The rapid turnover of students in a two-year college means there is plenty of room for new members to join each year and begin developing leadership skills right away. Activities and clubs are eagerly seeking you to replace the second year student who has graduated from MCC.

Student Lounge

The student lounge is open throughout the day and into the early evening hours for the use of the campus community. Featured in the lounge are board games, pool and Wii. The TV viewing area has a big screen television that is used for program viewing and movies. The lounge is a good place for students to spend some free time, get involved with the Student Senate or prepare for a class with a friend. Another lounge in upper Loper Hall is frequently used for quiet study.

Student Rights, Responsibilities, Due Process Procedures


You should acquaint yourself with the procedure on student rights, regulations and the judicial process. This procedure outlines your rights to an appeal process as well as disciplinary action the college may impose against you. The procedure can be found in the Student Rights and Responsibilities section of this handbook.

Student Record Policies


The following information may be released to the public in regard to any individual student of any of the colleges as necessity or desirability arises:

  1. Name, address, telephone, date and place of birth, major field of study.
  2. Participation in officially recognized activities and sports.
  3. Full-time/Part-time status.
  4. Dates of attendance, degrees, academic honor roll, and the most recent previous school or institution attended by the student.

If you do not want this information released to the public, you must make your objection in writing to the Registrar’s Office within 30 calendar days of the beginning of the college year in September, or the term in which the first enrollment occurs. It is necessary for the student to renew this objection at the beginning of each school year.

Student Organizations

At Muscatine Community College, it is the college’s philosophy that co-curricular activities complement the academic program, and we encourage you to find an activity that fits your interests and talents. View a full list of the Student Clubs and Organizations available at Muscatine Community College here.

View the Student Activities Policies and Procedures here.

Success Center

The MCC Success Center provides an individualized environment for students in need of personal assistance in many areas such as study skills, reading, grammar, science, math, writing, and current MCC courses. There is no charge to the student for this service, and tutors are compensated through college funds.

The MCC Success Center is located in the lower level of the Loper Student Learning Center. The center’s hours are 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Fridays during the academic year. Summer hours are by appointment only


Test Center


Make-up testing is given by the Test Center staff if course instructors believe that a makeup test is warranted. Special testing such as CLEP, ALEKS, online, eCollege and other forms of testing are also given in the Test Center by appointment.



The telephones in offices are for office use only. Students should use the public pay phones provided in the Student Lounge and Larson Hall.

Telephone Messages

Telephone calls for students are relayed by the college receptionist to the Registrar’s Office where they are
screened. Only emergency messages are delivered to students in class. If you need to reach a student on campus, call 288-6117 and explain your message to the registrar’s clerk.

Transfer of Credit 

Most of the colleges to which MCC graduates transfer accept the Associate in Arts degree as fulfilling resident general education requirements. Some colleges also accept the Associate in Science degree on the same basis. Special programs, such as pre-engineering, business, nursing, etc., have special general education requirements. It is recommended that you check these requirements with a counselor as soon as your transfer plans are reasonably solidified.

Completing an A.A. degree may save you a considerable amount of general education when you transfer, but if you have not completed an A.A. or A.S. degree at MCC, you should keep in mind that nearly all colleges and universities require a 2.00 GPA for acceptance. Some programs and majors require much higher entry-level academic records. Students may occasionally be accepted with a lower GPA, but students presenting such a record will probably be placed on academic probation, allowing them only one semester to obtain a university GPA of above 2.0.


Vending Machine Refunds

If you lost money in the vending machines see personnel at the Information Center, located in the Student Center.