If an emergency situation occurs in a classroom, notify your instructor immediately. If an emergency situation occurs in the parking lots, hallways or grounds, report it to the information desk attendant located in the Student Center.

EICCMobile App

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Tornado Evacuation Policy

When the city tornado warning siren sounds a continuous, three-minute tone indicating that a tornado has been sighted, all persons on campus should immediately follow evacuation procedures that are posted in all classrooms.

Fire Plan

A fire exit is posted in each classroom. Please become familiar with this plan. If a fire is discovered, the individual should:

  1. Pull the nearest alarm and an emergency intercom.
  2. Call 0 and identify the location of the fire to the Information Center. The operator will call the fire
    department. In case of a fire alarm:
  3. All students should leave the building quickly, quietly and in single file by the posted exit marked unless
    otherwise instructed.
  4. Students may be appointed by the staff to operate fire extinguishers, make phone calls, etc.
  5. After leaving the building, students will continue to walk one hundred (100) feet away from the building.
  6. When instructed to do so, students will return to classes quietly and quickly.

Emergency Procedures

The intercom system will announce any emergencies at all locations. Students should remain calm and follow the directions provided by the intercom system.