Fire Alarm Procedure

In the case of a fire, you will be informed by intercom. All occupants must vacate the building without stopping for
coats or other materials.

Instructors should assist students out of the classroom and should close the classroom door behind them.

Court yards are NOT EXITS, but may be used to get to another exit if path is blocked. Exits available at Lincoln
Boulevard include those:

  • closest to the cafeteria entrance,
  • closest to the Library,
  • between men’s restroom and Room 160,
  • by Room 157,
  • between Rooms 151 and 150,
  • through Room 153 (phone switch room),
  • between Rooms 134 and 121,
  • between Rooms 110 and 108.

Exits available at Manufacturing Drive include:

  • either of two front entrances,
  • the door at the ends of the two hallways or,
  • the door to the outside from Room 14 (Printing Lab).

Once outside the building, all persons should stay far enough away from the building to be safe from the fire and firefighting apparatus. The Fire/Tornado team will check the building to ensure that all areas are vacated.

Tornado Alarm

In the case of a tornado or nuclear warning, you will be informed by intercom. Instructors should assist students and the Tornado/Fire Team will assist all others to the following designated locations:

At Lincoln Boulevard, the halls:

  • between Rooms 103 and 115,
  • between Rooms 113 and 135,
  • between Rooms 122 and 171,
  • between Rooms 139 and 150,
  • between Rooms 151 and 161, or
  • between Rooms 162 and 165.

Exits available at 944 Lincoln Boulevard:

  • 944 Lincoln Boulevard entrance
  • Room 03 exit to parking lot
  • Room 08 exit by tennis courts

Weather safety areas at 944 Lincoln Boulevard.

  • The hall between Room 05 and Room 06
  • Room 04

At Manufacturing Drive, the alarm will be an intercom warning from a member of the Fire/Tornado Team. At
Manufacturing Drive, the halls:

  • between Room 11 and back door of 10,
  • between Conference B and Room 18.


All occupants MUST BE IN THESE LOCATIONS during the alarm/warning period, or MUST LEAVE THE BUILDING. All occupants in the building should avoid windows at either location.

Emergency Procedures

The intercom system will announce any emergencies at all locations. Students should remain calm and follow the directions provided by the intercom system.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Clinton and Camanche Fire, Police, Rescue, Sheriff, Ambulance-City - 911

Mercy One Medical, 1410 North 4th St., 563-244-5555

Health Clinics
Medical Associates, Springdale Drive and 13th Avenue North, 563-243-2511
Medical Associates Urgent Care, 2400 Lillian Drive, (563) 243-1200