Tuition and Fees


Costs will vary considerably based on established residence, different fees, books and materials required for particular programs, and other factors. All costs are subject to change. Tuition is assessed based on residence and class load. Instate tuition is figured at $162 per credit hour. Out of state tuition is $229 per credit hour. Tuition for online courses is $184 per credit hour. Tuition for students living in the Illinois counties of Carroll, Henry, Mercer, Rock Island and Whiteside is $184 per credit hour.


Course Fees

EICC charges additional fees to offset specific costs associated with delivering specific classes and services. The course fee schedule can be found on EICConnect.

Re-registration Fee

Students may be dropped from their classes if they have not met their financial commitment to the college. When this occurs, there is a $25.00 re-registration fee.

Early Registration Fee (Deposit)

A nonrefundable deposit which is applied toward your tuition; may be required of students to guarantee registration in many career/technical programs.

Tuition Refunds

Students who withdraw from the college - and who have completed the necessary withdrawal forms - are entitled to a refund of tuition according to the following schedule:

Courses that are 16-weeks in length:

100% Prior to the beginning of the term
75% First week of term
50% Second week of term

Courses that meet for one week or less:

100% Prior to the official start date of the course* No refund after the course has begun.

ICCOC On-line Courses

No ICCOC fees will be refunded after the start of classes. For the tuition refund policy, please see above.
For all other courses:

100% Prior to official start date of the session*
75% During the first two days of the session*
50% During the third through fifth day of the session*
*See Registration Center for specific course dates.
If classes are cancelled by the college, tuition and fees will be refunded.