Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

The goal of this Strategic Plan is provide a clear vision for the future of the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, and to provide a focus for EICC’s strategic and tactical efforts to achieve that vision. The plan is built upon previous and current efforts, and is rooted in the mission, vision, ethical values and identity statement of the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges.


First and foremost, EICC’s Strategic Plan reaffirms its core mission and fundamental purposes:

EICC delivers high-quality education and training that prepares a skilled workforce, provides affordable access to higher education, and builds and strengthens our communities.


The Strategic Plan also reaffirms EICC’s aspirational vision of its future:

EICC will be the first choice for training, education and partnerships that strengthen Eastern Iowa.

Ethical Values

The Strategic Plan also acknowledges that it is built upon a foundation of shared ethical values and practices that define our culture: human well-being and safety, human dignity, honesty and trustworthiness, consistency and harmony of interests, justice and fairness, authenticity, freedom of expression, integrity, professionalism, and sustainability.


Finally, EICC’s Strategic Plan aims to realize the identity faculty and staff have defined for themselves:

EICC is an Engaged, Inspired and Committed Community.

The following priorities, strategies and tactics are an extension of these core documents and statements of purpose, aspiration, values and identity. It is intended as road map to focus EICC on becoming the family of colleges that these aspirations articulate.


Strategic Priorities 2016-2020

Strategic Priority #1: COMPLETION

Increase the number of students earning postsecondary credentials.

  • Strategy 1A: Increase student persistence and course and program completion rates.

  • Strategy 1B: Reduce the number of students who are placed into developmental education.

  • Strategy 1C: Increase success in completing developmental courses.

  • Strategy 1D: Eliminate achievement gaps identified among different demographic groups.

  • Strategy 1E: Improve student success in transfer and career placement.

  • Strategy 1F: Engage faculty in targeted strategies to increase student engagement and completion.

Strategic Priority #2: ENROLLMENT

Increase enrollment in credit and noncredit programs.

  • Strategy 2A: Increase enrollment by improving student persistence and completion.

  • Strategy 2B: Convert more concurrently enrolled high school students into on-campus students upon graduation.

  • Strategy 2C: Convert more prospects into enrolled students.

  • Strategy 2D: Increase enrollment of targeted populations of prospective students.

  • Strategy 2E: Implement additional scheduling options.

  • Strategy 2F: Develop high-quality, high-demand programs for credit and non-credit.

Strategic Priority #3: HIGH-PERFORMANCE

Increase effectiveness and efficiency as a high-performing organization.

  • Strategy 3A: Improve effectiveness and efficiency of key functions.

  • Strategy 3B: Develop a comprehensive approach to technology planning and implementation.

  • Strategy 3C: Increase revenue generation from non-traditional sources.

  • Strategy 3D: Maintain and construct facilities that attract students and support performance of our mission.

  • Strategy 3E: Raise more funds through the college foundations to support strategic priorities.

Strategic Priority #4: CULTURE

Build a culture of high aspirations and high expectations.

  • Strategy 4A: Create organizational structures and systems that support effective communication and participation of stakeholders in decisions that affect them and that reinforce our desired culture.

  • Strategy 4B: Implement a professional development plan that ensures employees have the knowledge and skills they need.

  • Strategy 4C: Demonstrate the value of diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.

  • Strategy 4D: Implement hiring, evaluation and compensation systems that reinforce a culture of high expectations.