Fringe Points to Consider

A. Business Presence on Campus
Several references were made to community outreach events that historically took place on the various EICC campuses including inviting restaurants to campus for special events, hosting vintage car show and other “fair like” festivities that brought the community to campus. There is a sense that fewer of these gatherings are taking place thus resulting in missed opportunities to share EICC’s story with the communities it serves. Forum constituents shared an interest in creating a more open culture on all campuses. 
B.  International Focus
Discussion about EICC’s outreach or focus on international programming and international students was divided. Forum participants expressed strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Some felt that EICC was doing a good job of engaging international students and delivering curriculum with an international focus. Others felt that EICC, and community colleges generally, should focus locally or regionally and that international reach is not part of a community college’s mission.
C.  Customer Service
Navigating the various EICC websites and call centers is a source of frustration for students, employees and the community. Although it was not raised as a frequent concern, when mentioned, the frustration was heard loud and clear.