EICC Affiliated Boards Feedback

Many of the same sentiments shared by external constituents were echoed by the EICC affiliated boards.7 These include the need to deepen relationships with K-12 educators, shift the image of EICC schools from the “2nd choice” to the “smart choice,” increase emphasis on skills attainment, and explore the colleges response to the soft skills concerns raised throughout the forum sessions.8 A broader question came up about how the colleges can meet all of the needs expressed by forum participants. In other words, how can the colleges be “great” when there is a need to be good in so many categories.

Regarding the issue of branding (or re-branding) the colleges and EICC, feedback from the mixed boards ranged from strong (very strong) support to keep ownership local to interest in exploring efficiencies and leverage opportunities that could be gained from a more regional approach.