2021 Emeritus Recipients

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) honored six faculty and staff members with Emeritus Awards for 2021.

Begun in 2015, the award recognizes those retired and retiring faculty and staff who served lengthy careers of dedicated service to the college. To be considered, an individual must have served at least 15 years at EICC and made significant contributions to the college, communities and their disciplines or professions. 

“We are blessed to have a number of individuals who, over the course of long careers have far exceeded what is required of them and have helped to create the culture of high aspirations and high expectations EICC works to maintain and develop today,” said EICC Chancellor Don Doucette. “These individuals have given of themselves both personally and professionally to move the colleges forward and to ensure our students have the best possible higher education experience. The individuals we honor here tonight represent the very best of Eastern Iowa Community Colleges and are truly deserving of this recognition.”

Nominations are made by peers and supported by letters from colleagues, supervisors, students and community members. The nominations were reviewed by a selection committee that recommended recipients to the Chancellor with the final award bestowed by the EICC Board of Trustees.

Those recognized include both faculty and staff, and were employed at EICC’s Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community College campuses and other locations. The recipients include:

2021 Emeritus Recipients

Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell, Staff Emeritus

Retiring June 2021 as Associate Director for Marketing and Communications

Alan Campbell embodied what it means to be THE Community's College by serving 35 years as the Associate Director for Marketing and Communications, providing vision, creativity and leadership to all of the EICC's marketing efforts. In addition to his great contributions to EICC, Campbell has advanced the profession of community college marketing in both Iowa and across the entire country as a 30-year member of NCMPR (the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations) and former President of the national organization.

“I can think of few others in the community college marketing profession who have been as effective communicator, as novel a creator, as inspiring a leader, as nurturing a mentor, and as passionate a champion as Alan Campbell," said Jeff Ebbing, NCMPR Vice President. 


Jonathan Ikoba

Jonathan Ikoba, Faculty Emeritus

Retiring June 2021 as Economics and Global Studies Instructor, Scott Community College

Jonathan Ikoba served 27-years with Scott Community College as an Economics and Global Studies Instructor, sharing his knowledge and strength of character in the classroom and beyond. Best described as a man of “great integrity and heart,” Ikoba also served as a leader and mentor to faculty as the Social Sciences Department Coordinator and on a variety of institutional committees. A forward thinker with a thirst for knowledge, he is an expert in developing learning strategies and community initiatives with a lasting impact.

“Dr. Ikoba stands as a model of integrity in all that he does. With a kind and genuine demeanor, Dr. Ikoba exemplifies professional standards in his department, in his classroom and the greater community," said Isaac Newman, Interim Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences.


Marcia Larson

Marcia Larson, Staff Emeritus

Retiring June 2021 as Academic Advisor and Disabilities Resource Coordinator, Clinton Community College

Marcia Larson made it her mission to help students succeed, serving for more than 15 years with Clinton Community College as an Academic Advisor, the Co-Chair of the Retention Committee and the Disabilities Resource Coordinator. A vocal advocate for removing barriers to student success, she was instrumental in the creation of the CCC Cupboard to reduce food insecurity for students, helped develop a program to provide bus passes and gas cards to those in need, and took it upon herself to become the “guru” in many areas of the college. 

“She will always go above and beyond to help students. Larson has assisted many with needs such as homelessness, abuse, hunger, lack of support, and low or no income. She works with community resources to try to do what they can to care for students so they can be successful," said Lisa Miller, Clinton Community College Dean of Student Development.


Gale Roeder

Gale Roeder, Staff Emeritus

Retired December 2021 as Manager of CE Community Programming

Gale Roeder served 46 years in the college's Continuing Education (CE) Department, retiring as the Manager of CE Community Programming. During her decades long career, she mastered what is unattainable for most: the ability to continually innovate and build new relationships at a pace that can only be described as “super-human.” It is her persistent determination that helped her build the largest and most diverse portfolio of programs in the college’s Continuing Education Department. 

“With her energy and commitment to the community college philosophy I can say with certainty that Gale touched more individual segments of the community than anyone else in the EICCD system,” said Nancy Kothenbeutel, former Vice Chancellor for Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

Peggy Thoms

Peggy Thoms, Faculty Emeritus

Retired as Psychology Instructor, Clinton Community College

Peggy Thoms exemplified EICC’s commitment to a culture of high aspirations and expectations during her 20 plus years as a Psychology Instructor for Clinton Community College by prioritizing student success. One of the first to embrace hybrid-teaching models, Thoms quickly adopted to new technology and developed a challenging but supportive learning environment where students flourished. Outside the classroom, she was an active member of numerous campus and district committees including Professional Development Committee, Faculty Association Representative and LEAP Assessment Goals Committee, to name a few.

"Whatever her focus…helping a student understand the material or mentoring a faculty member, she did so with enthusiasm a strong sense of purpose, empathy, and integrity, working tirelessly to get results," said colleagues.

Kathy Sunderbruch

Kathy Sunderbruch, Faculty Emeritus

Retired as English Instructor, Muscatine Community College

Kathy Sunderbruch served more than 35 years as an English Instructor at Muscatine Community College, challenging and inspiring students to reach their full potential with meticulous classroom preparation, outstanding instruction and the ability to stretch her students’ critical thinking skills. Beyond her work in the classroom, she was also an active ally of “All Kinds of People,” a G-L-B-T student organization, and the founding member of the AKOP book club. 

"Sunderbruch was truly at the top level of all the instructors I have known over my past fifty years in education. She and her husband have always been strong supporters of the college and the MCC Foundation and are the type of folks you would want as neighbors, friends and colleagues," said former Muscatine Community College President Vic McAvoy.