2016 Emeritus Recipients

 2016 Emertius Award Winners Group Photo

Fourteen Eastern Iowa Community Colleges faculty and staff were recognized Monday with the college’s Emeritus Award. The award was presented to retired and retiring individuals who exemplified service to students and the community during their years with the college. Receiving awards were, front row, left to right, Pat Cawiezell, Sue Trudell, Nancy Kothenbeutel, Carol Cunningham, Jan Phillips, Nancy Keel and Nnachi Umennachi; back row, Bill Roba, Darrell Hanan, Marshall McDonald, Kirk Barkdoll and Frank Spies. Not Pictured: Dan Morgan and Alice Nielsen.


Kirk Barkdoll and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette 

Kirk Barkdoll, Staff Emeritus

Retired 2012 as Director of District Facilities

Kirk Barkdoll started at Scott Community College in 1982 as a career and technical instructor, before moving on to become Associate Dean for Community Education and Alternative Programming, Dean for Applied Technologies and then Dean of the College at Scott Community College (SCC).  When EICC decided to make a major change in its IT operations, Barkdoll led the monumental transition effort.  Following that success he was named Director of Facilities as EICC began $33 million in construction projects approved by voters in a 2007 bond referendum.  Barkdoll retired when the last ribbon was cut in 2012, but remains dedicated to EICC, serving as a consultant on current facilities projects and volunteering his time as a LEAD Advocate for the colleges’ internal leadership academy.

Patricia Cawiezell and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

Patricia Cawiezell, Staff Emeritus

Retired 2011 as Assistant to the President, Scott Community College

During Pat Cawiezell’s 33 years at SCC, she set a pace that few could keep up with.  In addition to her responsibilities overseeing bookstore, cafeteria and maintenance operations, she was an early pioneer in the college’s sustainability efforts.  From the beginning of her tenure in 1978 through today, Cawiezell has been one of SCC’s biggest supporters, both within the college and throughout the community, continuing to serve on the SCC Foundation Board and assisting part-time in Student Services and with a Continuing Education grant program for seniors.

Carol Cunningham and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

Carol Cunningham, Faculty Emeritus

Retired 2009 as Business Instructor, Muscatine Community College

As Muscatine Community College (MCC) Business Instructor, Carol Cunningham was committed to her students and their success, serving as both teacher and mentor.  As the college’s Business Department Coordinator, she was a leader among her colleagues and used her strong connections in the community to build a highly effective program advisory committee and create internship opportunities for students.  Cunningham also served on many college and district committees, bringing her calm and efficient manner to the task at hand. 

Darrell Hanan and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

Darrell Hanan, Faculty Emeritus

Retired 2015 as Automotive Technology Instructor, Scott Community College

Putting others first was the hallmark of Darrell Hanan’s 28 years of service to Scott Community College and EICC.  As a two-time recipient of the college’s Distinguished Faculty Award, he was widely recognized as an outstanding teacher.  From designing the Automotive Technology classroom and lab in the most effective instructional format, to videotaping lectures and labs for students to refer to after class, Hanan found ways to help his students really grasp the skills they needed to learn and to encourage them to become lifelong learners once they were on the job. 

Nancy Keel and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

Nancy Keel, Faculty Emeritus

Retired 2007 as Speech and Drama Instructor, Muscatine Community College

Over the course of her 39 years as Speech and Drama instructor at MCC, Nancy Keel introduced generations of students to the challenges and joys of public speaking, dramatic performance and theater production.  In her pursuit of producing the best musical and dramatic productions possible, she reached out to Muscatine-area fine arts organizations and to business and industry to build support for student and community productions at MCC. That work led to development of MCC’s Partners in Excellence program, through which the community provides financial support to arts programming at the college.

Nancy Kothenbeutel and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

Nancy Kothenbeutel, Staff Emeritus

Retired 2013 as Vice Chancellor for Continuing Education and Workforce Development

EICC’s outstanding Continuing Education division owes its strength in no small part to the visionary leadership and creativity of Dr. Nancy Kothenbeutel, Vice Chancellor for Continuing Education and Workforce Development.  Through her 36 years, led establishment of the Business and Industry Centers, the Blong Manufacturing Technology Center, the Midwest Center for Public Safety Training, and the West Davenport Center.  She was a respected leader at the state and national levels including the National Council for Continuing Education and Training, the National Council for Workforce Education, and the Iowa Department of Education. 

Marshall McDonald and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

Marshall McDonald, Faculty Emeritus

Retired 2013 as Agriculture Instructor, Muscatine Community College

In his three decades as an agriculture Instructor at MCC, Marshall McDonald embraced the concept of high aspirations and high expectations in all aspects of his teaching that extended well beyond the classroom to student organization meetings, study abroad trips to Ukraine and Denmark, and simply sitting down to lunch with students and fellow instructors. His positive influence extended well beyond the classroom and campus, to district committees, the annual FFA Soils Contest that he oversaw, Muscatine Chamber of Commerce Ag Committee, Muscatine Sister Cities organization, and the farmers in the far reaches of northern Europe. 

Dan Morgan and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

Dan Morgan, Faculty Emeritus

Retired 2011 as English Instructor, Scott Community College

For 32 years, English Instructor Dan Morgan taught students, encouraged and supported his peers, and strove to improve the academic environment at SCC.  As English department coordinator he encouraged faculty to engage in professional development and to share what they learned with their colleagues.  In addition to grateful students and colleagues, perhaps his most lasting legacy at SCC is the Honors Program.  In his quiet, passionate way, Dan led a group of equally passionate colleagues in the development of this signature SCC program.

Alice Nielsen and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

Alice Nielsen, Faculty Emeritus

Retired 2006 as Humanities Instructor, Scott Community College

Alice Nielsen was hired in 1974 as an English Instructor for SCC’s career and technical programs.  Her legacy began with an uncompromising dedication to help steer the development of SCC as it journeyed from a strictly vocational-technical institution to a comprehensive two-year college. She developed numerous classes in communications, human relations, humanities and art appreciation, and has taught telecourses, online classes and at businesses through the Continuing Education division. Although she officially retired in 2006, Alice continues to teach at SCC, where another generation of students benefits from this creative and gifted teacher.

Jan Phillips and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

Jan Phillips, Faculty Emeritus

Retiring 2016 as Music Instructor, Muscatine Community College

Jan Phillips has been MCC’s musical ambassador for 37 years. As music instructor, she encouraged students to explore the joys of music, no matter their perceived talent level. Students not only learn in the classroom, but gain the experience of performing in front of groups, from the MCC campus community and local Rotary Clubs to cruise ships and the hallowed stage of Carnegie Hall in New York City.  Phillips works closely with the drama department to produce a biennial Spring Madrigal Feast, as well as musical theater productions and variety shows.  She also serves as musical director for the Muscatine Civic Chorale, and was one of the founders of the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra. 

William Roba and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

William Roba, Faculty Emeritus

Retired 2015 as History Instructor, Scott Community College

Dr. Bill Roba is the Quad Cities’ recognized expert on German-American history and was instrumental in the creation of the German-American Heritage Center.  Many years before that, as one of the first Arts and Sciences instructors to come over in the merger with Palmer Junior College, he established SCC’s social sciences department.  He serves as the college’s historian, having compiled and cataloged an impressive college archive, and recently wrote EICC’s chapter in a statewide book celebrating the 50th anniversary of Iowa’s community colleges.  Roba was recognized with a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, allowing him to spend a semester teaching and learning in Ukraine. 

Frank Spies and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

Frank Spies, Faculty Emeritus

Retired 2008 as Diesel Technology Instructor, Scott Community College

In 32 years of teaching diesel technology at SCC, Frank Spies had a tremendous impact on hundreds of students, the college and the program.  Through his efforts, SCC’s program was the first in the state to earn Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. His strong relationships with professionals in the field resulted not only in generous donations of equipment to the program but in 100 percent placement for his graduates.  Spies continues to teach in the diesel technology program as a substitute instructor, serves on the program advisory committee, and serves as a teaching assistant at the Blong Technology Center. 

Susan Hamilton Trudell and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

Susan Hamilton Trudell, Faculty Emeritus

Retired 2014 as English Instructor, Scott Community College

Sue Trudell had an uncanny ability to connect with her students, perhaps because she was once one of them.  Sue was a non-traditional student at SCC who went on to earn a Master’s degree and came back to teach in the SCC English department, eventually serving as department chair.  She was instrumental in bringing the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society to campus and is a major reason why that organization is now recognized as a Five-Star Chapter.

Nnachi Umennachi and EICC Chancellor Dr. Don Doucette

Nnachi Umennachi, Faculty Emeritus

Retiring 2016 as Philosophy/Humanities Instructor, Scott Community College

As coordinator of the Honors Program at SCC, Philosophy Instructor Nnachi Umennachi has been the driving force in developing the program into one of the most respected community college honors programs in the country.  His commitment to education extends into the community, both locally and internationally, and he is actively involved in everything from research and publication to leading international educational organizations and building primary schools in his home state in Nigeria.