Frequently Asked Questions – Spring 2020/Summer 2020 Awards

CARES Act Emergency Grants

What are CARES Act Emergency Grants?

The recently enacted federal CARES Act provided money to colleges and universities for emergency student grants. The purpose of the money is to award emergency financial aid grants to students for specific expenses that are a direct result of the disruption of campus operations due to the coronavirus.  

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Students experiencing additional expenses or financial hardships related to disruptions to campus operations related to the college’s pandemic responses.

    • Students must have been enrolled in on-campus/face-to-face courses for Spring 2020 with end dates after March 13.

    • Students exclusively in online enrollment are not eligible.

    • Students enrolled in Summer 2020 for courses with start dates of June 1 that were intended to be offered on-campus may also qualify. 

  • Per Federal guidance, concurrent high school students, guest students or non-degree seeking students are not eligible. 

  • Students must be able to receive Federal Financial Aid.  Students who have not completed a FAFSA for either 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 will need to complete one in order to demonstrate eligibility for the CARES Act Emergency Grants.


How much are the CARES ACT Emergency Grants?

Funds are limited.  Students are encouraged to submit the application as soon as possible. For EICC, CARES Act Emergency Grants will range from $500 - $1,050 per student. The following factors may be used when reviewing applications for funding and determining the grant amount. 

  • Submission date of the application
  • Financial need based on the FAFSA
  • Cost related to enrollment status


Can a student apply for more than one CARES Act Emergency Grant?

Students are only eligible to receive one CARES Act Emergency Grant. 

When should I apply?

The final deadline is June 30, 2020.  All completed applications will be regularly reviewed in a timely manner and students will receive email communications on their status. 

Does the money have to be paid back?

No, the CARES Act Emergency Grant is a grant. Students do not have to pay back the grant.

If I am approved, how long will it take to receive the CARES Act Emergency Grant?  How will I receive the money?

  • After submission of the application, the college will review and process approvals within 2 weeks.  Once a student receives an approval notification, the grant will be disbursed based on the student’s refund preferences set up with BankMobile. Find more information regarding setting up your BankMobile Refund Preferences here.  

  • For students with an electronic/direct deposit refund preference set up with Bank Mobile, approved grants will be disbursed within 2-3 days of the notification.

  • For students with no preference or a paper check preference set up with BankMobile, approved grants will be disbursed and mailed within 7-30 days. 

  • Students who are not approved for a CARES Act Emergency Grant will also receive notification regarding their application status.


If I am approved, for what expenses can I use my CARES Act Emergency Grant money?

CARES Act Emergency Grant funds are intended to be used to cover costs such as food, housing, utilities, transportation, technology, childcare or unexpected medical costs that you incurred as a result of the pandemic disruption to college operations.  Students will receive the grant and can determine how to best use the received funds. 

Will accepting the CARES Act Emergency Grant impact any future financial aid?

No, the CARES Act Emergency Grant does not have be counted as income on the FAFSA application. The grant will not reduce other financial aid you may qualify for.

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