Chancellor's Cabinet

The Chancellor's Cabinet functions as a strong team, working collaboratively and creatively to meet the learning needs of our diverse community. The Cabinet meets regularly to engage in district-wide strategic planning and decision-making and to coordinate the plans and actions of the district’s colleges, satellite sites and departments. Our goal as a team is to provide the best possible learning and development opportunities for the students and communities we serve.

Dr. Donald Doucette, Chancellor
Dr. Donald Doucette
 Naomi DeWinter, MCC President
Dr. Naomi DeWinter
MCC President
Lyn Broderson
Dr. Lyn Cochran
SCC President
 Karen J. Vickers, President/Vice Chancellor
Dr. Karen J. Vickers
CCC President /
EICC Vice Chancellor
Dr. Ellen Kabat Lensch, Executive Director of Resource Development and Innovation
Dr. Ellen Kabat Lensch
Vice Chancellor of
Economic and Workforce
Joan Kindle, Vice Chancellor for Education and Training District Office
Dr. Joan Kindle
Vice Chancellor for
Education and Training
District Office
Honey Bedell, Assistant to the Chancellor/Associate Director for Board Services
Honey Bedell
Assistant to the Chancellor,
Associate Director
for Board Services
Suteesh Tandon
Suteesh Tandon
Chief Financial Officer