Transfer Information

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges offer the following Associate Degrees for students wishing to transfer and complete a Bachelor’s Degree:

  • Associate in Arts (AA)
  • Associate in Science (AS)

(Go to Our Programs for a complete listing of all the programs we offer. Also, many college transfer students complete our AA Degree in Liberal Arts, declaring a a more specific major once they transfer to a four-year institution.)


About the AA Degree

  • Focus on Liberal Arts.

  • Serves as the first two years of a Bachelor’s Degree in liberal arts, general studies, business, education or pre-professional studies. Courses are selected to fulfill general education requirements (math, science, arts, communication, social science, etc.). Additionally the student will be able to select courses of personal interest to them and courses that fulfill the entry-level requirements of their field of study.

  • We have formal transfer agreements with the public universities plus area private colleges most popular with our students. Following the guidance provided in these agreements assures you that your AA will transfer as fulfilling the freshman and sop-re year requirements at that school.

  • TIP: See transfer guides for specific information about how the AA will transfer to your intended college or university and what courses to select while earning your AA.

  • Track your progress in earning an AA:


About the AS Degree

  • Focus on math & science.

  • The first two years of a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, natural sciences or a pre-professional degree that emphasizes math & science like pharmacy and engineering.

  • How does it transfer?

  • Typically the college or university will review each course you complete in your AS degree. They will determine whether a course fulfills a course requirement for the bachelor’s degree you are pursuing with them.

  • TIP: Use course equivalency guides to help you select courses that will fulfill course requirements at your intended college or university.

  • Track your progress in earning an AS:

* Degree Audit is a tool available to currently enrolled students and can be found on EICConnect (Student e-Bridge).