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Do you need a job or a better job?

You’re thinking you need training, but something you can complete quickly. You're not sure you can do well in school and you think you can't afford the cost. 

This isn’t your traditional "school" and you may be eligible for training scholarships*!

There are two Career Link Essentials+ Options:

1. Manufacturing Career Link Essentials+

Successfully complete this four-week, 56-hour evening program and build skills that manufacturers want that include computers, OSHA/safety, teamwork, communication, blueprint reading and industrial math.   


2. Non-Manufacturing Career Link Essentials+

Same program as above without the manufacturing specific classes.  It is a two-week, 32-hour daytime program.


Complete either Career Link Essentials+ option with perfect attendance and punctuality and become eligible for a full or partial scholarship in any of the following certificate programs:

Manufacturing Certificate Programs
(must have completed Manufacturing Career Link Essentials)
  • Production Welding     
  • Truck Driving
  • Logistics      
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • CNC Machinist     
  • ProE Basics
  • Industrial Electricity     
  • Lab Technician
  • Alternative Energy     

Non-Manufacturing Certificate Programs
(must have completed Non-Manufacturing Career Link Essentials)
  • Food Service /Dietary Manager     
  • Clerk/Receptionist
  • Home Care Aide     
  • Certified Nurse Aide

Income Guidelines for Career Link Essentials+ Scholarships

Median Family Income in the Past 12 Months by Family Size

1-person  $34,283
2-person families $39,083
3-person families  $45,540
4-person families  $52,460
5-person families $49,769
6-person families or more $50,239

*Scholarships can cover tuition, books, fees and required / approved equipment and supplies if not available from another source. The award amount will be determined based on income eligibility.