Military training articulates into college credits

AAS - Logistics Supply Chain Management
92Y Unit Supply Specialist
CH47 Helicopter Repair
92A Automated Logistical Specialist
92F Petroleum Supply Specialist
AAS in Diesel Technology
63E Abrams Tank System Mechanic
63Y Track Vehicle Mechanic
91B Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
AAS - CNC Machining
91E Allied Trade Specialist
AAS - Culinary Arts
92G Cook
AAS - Engineering Technology
USMC-1142 Engineering Electrical
Systems Technician

USMC-1141 Electrician
NER-ET-008 Electronics Technician
NER-BU-004 Builder
NER-EM-007 Electrician's Mate
NER-CE-004 Construction Electrician
NER-OS-004 Operations Specialist

Find out how military training can translate into a degree. Below are degree maps to show how certain military training may equal college credit in a degree program offered by Eastern Iowa Community Colleges.

Please refer to the American Council of Education with information regarding possible articulation of your military training.

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To request your transcripts, please see the branch procedures below

  • Army, Navy and Marines: JST (Joint Service Transcripts) Information Video

  • Air Force: Mail a letter to CCAF requesting a transcript which also will need to include your full name,  the last four of your SSN, your date of DOB, and the address you wish your transcript to be sent to:

    The address to CCAF is:
    Community College of the Air Force
    100 South Turner Blvd
    Maxwell AFB, Gunter Annex AL 36114-3011

NOTE: Ensure the letter is physically SIGNED by the member to release their record.