MCC Clubs

Muscatine Community College students are encouraged to find activities that fit their interests and talents. If you can't find an activity that interests you, you can try starting a new one.


This student organization is designed to promote better understanding of agricultural production, economics, current events and related lines of agricultural work and provide students the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills.  Participation in state and national Postsecondary Agricultural Students Organization activities and career building skills assessment are required of all Ag Tech members.  Senate-funded. (top)

We acknowledge and welcome all groups of people, from every kind of background, lifestyle, culture, gender, mental and physical abilities, sexual orientation, spiritual and/or religious beliefs. The group embraces people’s differences, while learning from each other and recognizing and promoting diversity and equality within the community.(top)

This chapter of Agricultural Marketing Society focuses its attention on community needs and local projects, especially those pertaining to agriculture.  At MCC, we don’t just prepare students for careers in agriculture, we prepare students for careers and the civic responsibilities that go with them. Fundraising, guest speaker presentations, networking with the industry, and weekly meetings are many of the activities in which each Alpha Mu Sigma member participates.  Senate-funded.(top)

The college is a member of the Associations of Iowa Junior College Athletics and National Junior College Athletics.  Home games are played at Tom Bruner Field.(top)

The college is a member of the Associations of Iowa Junior College Athletics and National Junior College Athletics.  Home games are played at Kent Stein Park.(top)

Business Professionals of America is the leading Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields. BPA has more than 51,000 members in over 2,300 chapters in 23 states. BPA provides students the opportunity to: network with business professionals, enhance career specific skills, acquire leadership experience, make an impact in the community, earn academic credit, build a resume, and compete with peers at a state and national level.  Senate-funded.(top)

The Calumet, MCC’s student-produced newspaper, is published ten times during the academic year. Students may earn 1, 2, or 3 hours of credit (up to six total credit hours) by working on the staff through practicum in communication classes. The Calumet is also open to all MCC students. The Calumet is a forum for student expression, and students make all content decisions. The Calumet’s newsroom isequipped with desktop publishing equipment. The newspaper strives to provide students with hands-on experience. A fully stocked darkroom allows photographers to improve their skills.  Senate-funded.(top)

CEO / LL65
The MCC Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization delivers real experience solving real business problems. Through real life experience, the members gain a better understanding of entrepreneurship, management, marketing, advertising, web development, and information technology. MCC-CEO members work with campus and community based clients, mentors and colleagues to gain practical, hands-on business experience. The MCC Student Business Lab and the LL65 Student-Run Marketing Agency are two specific opportunities available to MCC students.(top)

INTRAMURALSMuscatine Community College Intramural Flag Football Game
MCC intramural athletics provides an opportunity for students to engage in recreational physical activity and healthy competition.  The focus will be on staying active while allowing social opportunities.  A wide variety of sports and activities are offered throughout the year based on student interests.  Past events have included volleyball, group fitness, open gym nights, bowling, flag football, dodgeball, disc golf, ski trips, and special events.  Senate-funded. Follow MCC's Intramurals on Facebook

MORGA is a recreational group focused on pop culture pastimes. The group spends time watching movies, anime, and playing video and tabletop games. No agenda. No fundraising. Spend a couple of hours each week relaxing and doing nothing.(top)


  • MCC Choir:  Choir is a mixed chorus, open to all students who wish to participate in vocal music.  No previous experience is required, and an audition is not necessary for entry in this organization.
  • Pop Singers:  This group performs many civic and school concerts during the year.  Membership is limited to 16 students, and an audition is required.
  • Instrumental ensembles such as Orchestra, Brass Choir, and Jazz Band may also be offered.
  • Senate-funded.


Peer tutors are students who have received a “B” or better in the course(s) they tutor and who have been recommended as outstanding individuals by the instructor of the course(s) they are tutoring.  It is for those students who wish to share their knowledge with their peers in need.(top)

Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society for two-year colleges. Invitation to membership is extended to students who have completed at least 12 hours of coursework and who have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. The organization offers opportunities for transfer scholarships as well as intellectual enrichment and personal development through programs based on four hallmarks:  Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship.  Senate-funded.(top)

SCNAVTA (Student Chapter of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America)
This student chapter is a starting block of the veterinarian technician student’s professional organization. Students involved with this organization will have an excellent source for professional resources, networking, educational materials, and community involvement. Participation will give them foundation of leadership and teamwork which is an integral part of their future jobs.  Senate-funded.(top)

Be Bold. Be Visible. Stand Up. Make A Scene. Make A Difference. Live United. Volunteer! MCC students have countless opportunities to volunteer time, talent and energy to help our community. The MCC Silver & Blue Volunteer Program partners with the United Way of Muscatine to connect student volunteers with the various community organizations needing volunteers. At the highest level of volunteerism, students will have the opportunity to earn the coveted Silver & Blue Cord.(top)

The Student Senate is the representative body that gives voice to the student activities and student policies on campus.  The Senate acts as a representative voice of all students.  Elected students organize campus-wide events, attend a legislative conference, and attend member meetings.(top)

Each campus has a Student Veteran’s Association. These organizations have activities such as the Veteran’s Day Ceremony, collections of care packages for military families in need, fall cook-out, spring family cook-out, and work with Operation Home front and the QC Stand Down event.  Our organizations have also worked together with St. Ambrose and Western Illinois University Student Veteran’s Associations to have a student panel with representatives from each college to speak with congressmen and state representatives about the veteran’s various unique issues and needs.  Senate-funded.(top)

THEATREMuscatine Community College Intramural Flag Football Game
Students attending MCC have an opportunity to participate in the exciting art of theatre. The Bob Roach Little Theatre provides a flexible environment for staging a wide variety of theatrical productions.  All students are welcome to audition to act in the productions, but we also have a need for people backstage for our productions in areas including costuming, designing, lighting, makeup, props, publicity, set construction, painting, and box office. If you are interested in any of these areas, please join us. You will make friends, have fun, and develop valuable skills all at the same time.  Senate-funded. Follow MCC's Theatre Department on Facebook(top)