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Through their foundations, Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community Colleges provide a wide range of scholarship opportunities for deserving students. All students are encouraged to apply for scholarships at their college. The deadline for Fall classes is March 1.

Foundation Scholarship Applications:


Many scholarships are based on a student's high school grade point average, but just as many are based on other criteria. That means whether you were the class  valedictorian or somewhere in the middle, whether you just graduated from high school or it's been many years since you've been in the classroom, or whether you take Arts and Sciences courses for college transfer or are enrolled in a career technology program, there could be something for you.

Check with the foundations at Clinton, Muscatine or Scott Community colleges to learn more about the many scholarships they have to offer. (We've provided an additional Outside Scholarships link to the left if you are interested in learning about other scholarships, not from the colleges, for which you may apply

High school students who have completed college classes with us can also take advantage of our new Connections Scholarship. The scholarship provides different levels of support from half tuition for the first year a student is enrolled at one of our colleges to a free class.