Listed below are brief descriptions of the various certificates available in conjunction with the Career Link Essentials+ program. The link within each description will take you to more information about the colleges' programs in those areas.
Manufacturing Certificate Options

  • Production Welding 
    Two types of production welding are offered. These courses take approximately 115 hours over six-eight weeks to finish.

  • Logistics 
    Logistics is the link between manufacturers and customers, moving goods along the road from maker to buyer. This is a four part course based on tracks with each track lasting approximately four weeks.

  • CNC Machinist 
    This program is designed to get students ready to be a set-up person for machining companies. It will teach you how to use both manual and CNC machines. It takes approximately 13.5 credit hours to complete.

  • Pro-E Basics
    This Pro Engineer Certificate is designed for students and technicians who desire to gain Pro Engineer experience but need flexible scheduling.  This certificate will give students an introduction to Pro Engineer and drafting.  This certificate is approximately 13.5 credit hours.

  • Industrial Electricity
    Students taking this certificate option will be introduced to various electrical concepts and would be able to begin an entry level electrical profession. This certificate is approximately 13.5 credit hours.

  • Truck Driving
    10-Week Program including both driving and classroom hours. Graduates will be prepared to take and pass the CDL exam.

  • Industrial Maintenance
    The Industrial Maintenance program prepares graduates for entry level employment and/or advancement as a maintenance technician in those manufacturing firms requiring maintenance, calibration and repair of industrial equipment. This includes preparation in the service maintenance as well as the production maintenance fields. This certificate takes approximately 13.5 credit hours to complete.

Non-Manufacturing Certificate Option

  • Clerk/Receptionist
    This program covers various classes on becoming a clerk/receptionist. This certificate takes approximately 32 hours to complete.

  • Home Care Aide
    Home Care Aides provide in-home care services to the elderly, families with children, chronically ill patients, convalescents and those who are handicapped. This course takes approximately 75 hours to complete.

  • Food Service/Dietary Manager
    Foodservice Supervisors are charged with balancing menu variety while appealing to client preferences and managing cost/profit objectives. They purchase the goods, equipment, and services used in the foodservice department. They also hire, motivate, train, and supervise the dietary employees. This course takes approximately 113 hours to complete.

  • Certified Nurse Aide
    The Certified Nurse Aide Program will prepare you to provide direct patient care in a variety of acute care and long-term care nursing facilities. This course takes approximately 75 hours to complete and graduates must take a test to become certified.